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Terms & Conditions



Use of this website is governed according to the following Terms & Conditions which may change at any given time and constitute a binding contract between the user of this website and the company named “Below Zero Rental”.

Use of this website for consultation purposes and/or for purchasing goods is an acknowledgment by the user of their acceptance of every stipulation stated herein, after careful reading and having understood their meaning. In the event of a disagreement or for further explanation regarding this disclaimer, the user is invited to not to use the website until they have contacted Below Zero Rental and obtained any necessary information and/or clarification leading to a better understanding and acceptance of its terms and conditions.

The collection and processing of your personal data are based on consent.



Website Usage


The information contained on this website is provided for the convenience of Below Zero Rental clients and does not involve any warranty, express or implied. Except to the extent provided by applicable laws, Below Zero Rental cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages, nor for loss of profit, of data or any other type of loss, nor for any inconvenience which may result from the use of information contained on this website. Below Zero Rental certifies that it takes all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure the information posted on its website is accurate and does not contain errors.


Territorial Liability

Below Zero Rental legally operates its business in the City of Mont-Tremblant, in the Province of Québec, Canada. It cannot guarantee that its website or the information it contains is compliant in other cities or countries, should this data be used anywhere other than on this territory.

Access and/or use of this website in territories or countries where it is not permitted is prohibited and deemed to be done without the consent of Below Zero Rental.

Any claim pertaining to the website and/or its contents or arising from its use will be governed by the laws of the Province of Québec, and any dispute that may arise therefrom must, if required, be submitted to the competent court of the said province, in the judicial district of Montreal.


Copyrights, Brand Names, Trademarks, Ownership & Authorized Website Usage

In whole, in part or in any manner whatsoever, it is strictly forbidden to copy, transcribe, reproduce, distribute, transmit, translate or download the contents of this website (including headers, graphics, texts and presentations, arrangements, coordination, images, logos, applications, data and any other material available on or via this Website) without first obtaining permission in writing from Below Zero Rental.

Moreover, the names and brands used to identify the products, accessories and merchandise described on this website do not necessarily belong to Below Zero Rental and may have been the subject of other types of protections, including names, trademarks, brands, patents, copyrights and/or any other applicable protection regime. Any reproduction or usage must therefore be authorized in advance by their rightholders.


Terms & Conditions of Sale


The prices listed on this website are calculated in Canadian dollars and are subject to all applicable sales taxes. Transportation and delivery costs as well as applicable customs and export fees, if any, are not included and are also applicable according to the region.

No deliveries will take place before the product price, fees and taxes have been paid in full.

From time to time and without notice, Below Zero Rental reserves the right to change its online product prices.

Should there be a website pricing error, Below Zero Rental offers users an opportunity to cancel their transaction concluded at an incorrect price, or to purchase the item they’ve selected at the duly corrected price.



The product(s) on order will be delivered in a professional, timely manner to the address indicated by the user on their order form, which must match the credit card holder’s address.



Below Zero Rental cannot guarantee the availability of the products offered on this website and assumes no responsibility in this regard. Unless the client cancels the transaction, the product(s) will be delivered when available and the amount charged in the days prior to delivery.

Moreover and at its sole discretion, Below Zero Rental reserves the right to limit the quantity of products that are available and refuse, annul, correct or otherwise modify any transaction completed on this website.


Liability & Warranty

Below Zero Rental shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred either accidentally or in an event of force majeure.

As well and in all circumstances, the responsibility of Below Zero Rental for defective or unavailable products cannot, in any way, exceed reimbursement of the price paid by the user or the replacement of the said product, and this at the sole discretion of Below Zero Rental.

The user also accepts and acknowledges that Below Zero Rental will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the user or any other person resulting from the use of this website, and/or of the products that are sold here.


Post-Delivery Follow-Up Email

The user agrees to receive one single email after taking delivery of their order inviting them to complete a satisfaction survey, or not.


Compliance – GPDR Standards

The Below Zero Rental company does its utmost to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governing data collection via its website and/or other social media platforms to which it belongs, and including its chat system.